IT meets Industry Agenda 2020

Here you will find dates & topics of the virtual series soon.


Agenda 2019

Subject to change

Tuesday, November 19th 2019
08:30 Registration & Welcome Coffee
Plenary Session
Welcome & Introduction IT meets Industry

Opening Keynote: Marty Edwards
Working Together to Secure the Automation Industry (EN)

Rainer Oehlert, Dow
Consistent Implementation of Cyber Security Measures
Challenges & Learning Experience
10:30 Panel Discussion
Moderation: Armin Scheuermann
Jens Wiesner, BSI; Dr. Thomas Koenen, BDI
Marty Edwards, ISA99 / Automation Federation; Dr. Evangelos Ouzounis, ENISA
Volker Wagner, BASF / ASW
11:15 Coffee Break
Gustav Mahler 1
Gustav Mahler 2
Maximilian Korff, Siemens
IEC 62443 best practices for OT Networks
Mirko Haustein / Jörg Schuler, Airbus Cyber Security
OT SOC use case development – a real live example at Airbus

Dr. Ragnar Schierholz, ABB
Asset Discovery & Inventory and Network Anomaly Detection – practical benefits and pitfalls in implementations

Wolfgang Kiener, TÜV Rheinland
How to detect and respond to cyber threats across IT and OT
12:45 Lunch Break
14:00 Robert Sharrock, Emerson
So, you have been hacked, what now?

Yariv Lenchner, Indegy (EN)
Protecting Industrial Control Systems (ICS) from Cybersecurity Threats What You Need to Know

14:30 Dharminder Debisarun, Palo Alto Networks
The Connected Industry: Cloud Security the backbone for Internet of Things

Klaus Mochalski, Rhebo
How You Get the Best Value Out of a POC in OT-Security

15:00 Stefan Ditting, HIMA
An Oxymoron of modern automation: safe separate integration

Tilman Taubert, Sentryo / Cisco
Case Study: Project to Secure a Critical Industrial Offshore Oil Extraction System

15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 Dr. Amrei Baasner, Trade Supervisory Office Hildesheim
Inspections of establishments covered by the seveso directive with regard to ICS security – example Lower Saxony
World Café
16:30 Udo Menck, Dow; Heinz Volmari, Dow;
Jens Wiesner, BSI; Detlef Winkel, Bayer
Expert Talk: Practical Experience with NA 163
17:30 Speakers’ Corner
Presentations will be held by:
  • Dirk Kalinowski, AXA
    Benefits of Cyber-Insurance
  • Fatma Evren, Yokogawa
    Integrating Plant Security Practices with Business Continuity Management Strategies
  • Herbert Abben, SANS
    The Skills Gap in IT/OT Security – Or Just the Wrong Strategy?
18:15 Get Together @ Ella & Louis Jazz Bar at Congress Center Rosengarten
Food and drinks in a relaxed atmosphere with live music from FamDüSax

IMI 2019 Agenda

Subject to change

Wednesday, November 20st 2019
08:00 Welcome Coffee
08:30 Introduction
08:45 Sigurd Schuster, Nokia
5G for the industry –How to Make Most of the Opportunities
09:15 Thomas Heutmann, Bundesnetzagentur
Industrial Campus Networks: Application Procedure for local 5G Frequencies in the Range 3700 MHz
09:30 Coffee Break
10:15 Dr. Matthias Fankhänel, BASF
Interview: Industrial 5G – Motivation and Obstacles
10:45 Martin Schwibach
5G Campus Networks – Status and Outlook at BASF
Panel Discussion:  5G Revolutionizing Production Processes: What, Where, When?

Joseph Eichinger, Huawei; Gunther Koschnick, ZVEI; Sigurd Schuster, Nokia; Martin Schwibach, BASF

12:00 Lunch Break
Session A Session B
13:15 Mirco Kloss, Fortinet
Building an Industrial Security Fabric for Operational Technology (OT)

Brian Butterly, Deutsche Bahn
(n+1)G – Securing Mobile Networks Now and Then

13:45 Arnold Krille, genua
Inside the perimeter: Security defined networking, a necessity for critical infrastructures
Heiko Herrmann, Airbus
OT Cyber Risk Assessment & Mitigation – Experiences at Airbus (2014-2019)
14:15 Coffee Break
14:45 Christian Franzen / Ralph Noll, Deloitte
The Cyber Security Journey after an Attack – Practical Experiences
15:15 Konstantin Rogalas / Robert Nagel
Industrie 4.0: Wie verbinden wir die beiden Welten? Vom Stand der Technik zur Realität beim Kunden.
15:45 Gerd Gruner, Auconet
Sicherheit erfordert Transparenz – Was Du nicht kennst kannst Du nicht beschützen
16:15 End of Conference

* Subject to change

Please note: Prensentations are given in German unless otherwise specified (EN) – simultaneous translation is available.