IMI 2019 – Draft Agenda

Tuesday, November 19th 2019
08:30 h – approx. 16:30 h
Registration & Welcome Coffee
Plenary Session
Welcome & Introduction IT meets Industry

Opening Keynote: Marty Edwards
Working Together to Secure the Automation Industry (EN)

Rainer Oehlert, Dow
Consistent Implementation of Cyber Security Measures
Challenges & Learning Experience
Panel Discussion
Moderation: Armin Scheuermann
Dr. Gerhard Schabhüser, BSI; Dr. Thomas Koenen, BDI
Marty Edwards, ISA99 / Automation Federation; Dr. Evangelos Ouzounis, ENISA
Volker Wagner, BASF / ASW
Coffee Break
Session A
Session B
Maximilian Korff, Siemens
IEC 62443 best practices for OT Networks
Mirko Haustein / Jörg Schuler, Airbus Cyber Security
OT SOC use case development – a real live example at Airbus

Dr. Ragnar Schierholz, ABB
Asset Discovery & Inventory and Network Anomaly Detection – practical benefits and pitfalls in implementations

Wolfgang Kiener, TÜV Rheinland
How to detect and respond to cyber threats across IT and OT
Lunch Break
Robert Sharrock, Emerson
So, you have been hacked, what now?

Yariv Lencher, Indegy (EN)
Protecting Industrial Control Systems (ICS) from Cybersecurity Threats What You Need to Know

Dharminder Debisarun, Palo Alto Networks
The Connected Industry: Cloud Security the backbone for Internet of Things

Klaus Mochalski, Rhebo
How You Get the Best Value Out of a POC in OT-Security

Stefan Ditting, HIMA
An Oxymoron of modern automation: safe separate integration

Tilman Taubert, Sentryo / Cisco
Case Study: Project to Secure a Critical Industrial Offshore Oil Extraction System

Coffee Break
Dr. Amrei Baasner, Trade Supervisory Office Hildesheim
Inspections of establishments covered by the seveso directive with regard to ICS security – example Lower Saxony
World Café
Udo Menck, Dow; Heinz Volmari, Dow;
Jens Wiesner, BSI; Detlef Winkel, Bayer
Expert Talk: Practical Experience with NA 163
Speakers’ Corner
Presentations will be held by:

  • Dirk Kalinowski, AXA
    Benefits of Cyber-Insurance
  • n.n. , SANS
  • Fatma Evren, Yokogawa
    Integrating Plant Security Practices with Business Continuity Management Strategies
Get Together @ Ella & Louis Jazz Bar at Congress Center Rosengarten
Food and drinks in a relaxed atmosphere with live music from FamDüSax

IMI 2019 – Draft Agenda

Wednesday, November 20st 2019
08:30 h – approx. 16:30 h
Welcome Coffee
Heiko Herrmann, Airbus
OT Cyber Risk Assessment & Mitigation – Experiences at Airbus (2014-2019)
Introduction 5G in the Industry
Thomas Heutmann, Bundesnetzagentur
Industrial Campus Networks: Application Procedure for local 5G Frequencies in the Range 3700 MHz
Coffee Break
Dr. Matthias Fankhänel, BASF
Interview: Industrial 5G – Motivation and Obstacles
Martin Schwibach
5G Campus Networks – Status and Outlook at BASF
Panel Discussion:  5G Revolutionizing Production Processes: What, Where, When?

Joseph Eichinger, Huawei; Gunther Koschnick, ZVEI; Sigurd Schuster, Nokia; Martin Schwibach, BASF

Lunch Break
Session A Session B
Mirco Kloss, Fortinet
Building an Industrial Security Fabric for Operational Technology (OT)

Brian Butterly, Deutsche Bahn
(n+1)G – Securing Mobile Networks Now and Then

Arnold Krille, genua
Inside the perimeter: Security defined networking, a necessity for critical infrastructures
Sigurd Schuster, Nokia
5G for the industry –How to Make Most of the Opportunities
Coffee Break
Christian Franzen / Ralph Noll, Deloitte (EN)
Securing digital production, one goal – multiple ways to reach it? Possible solutions using a Cyber Security Maturity Journey for IoT
Konstantin Rogalas / Robert Nagel
Industrie 4.0: Wie verbinden wir die beiden Welten? Vom Stand der Technik zur Realität beim Kunden.
Gerd Gruner, Auconet
Sicherheit erfordert Transparenz – Was Du nicht kennst kannst Du nicht beschützen
End of Conference

* Subject to change

Please note: Prensentations are given in German unless otherwise specified (EN) – simultaneous translation is available.